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ReportBro Framework

The ReportBro framework consists of a client and a server part, the ReportBro Designer and ReportBro Lib.

The designer is a platform- and browser independent Javascript plugin. It is the tool to visually create report templates. Everyone can design & edit document templates, and preview them directly in the browser.

The ReportBro Lib uses report templates together with data to generate pixel perfect PDF reports and XLS. You can use it with your favourite web framework, like Flask, Django and any other Python framework.


Basic Elements

Rich Text PLUS
Barcodes, QR Code
Page Break


Align elements
Drag & Drop
Header & Footer
Document zoom


Text cells
Header & Footer
Table styling
Row grouping
Dynamic columns


Band for elements
Iterate rows
Header & Footer
Repeatable header
Nested sections PLUS


Area for elements
Print conditions
Styling options

Expression power

Use simple Python expressions to generate dynamic content, define print conditions or trigger conditional styles. Perform run-time evaluations with functions and parameters.

Error handling

ReportBro helps to identify and find errors during report generation, tells users when template elements are out of range, or parameters cannot be recognized.

Pure data

ReportBro is SQL-free, it takes whatever parameters you are already using. Data is passed as plain python data (list, str, int, etc.).


Image showing the ReportBro workflow
Integrate ReportBro Designer seamlessly into your web application and create your custom report templates.
A template contains all report elements and parameters as placeholders for dynamic data. It is represented as JSON. Each defined parameter can contain test data for preview.
ReportBro Lib uses the report template, fills it with either test data from the template or application data, if present. It generates your report as PDF or Excel document.

Open-Source or Commercial License

ReportBro is licensed as open-source under AGPLv3. Use the open-source license for non-commercial open-source or personal projects.


Icon visualizing transformation from data to report
ReportBro Designer provides various options to customize the user interface according to your needs. Use API methods to define how to initialize and generate reports in ReportBro Lib.



Javascript plugin to visually design report layouts which can be created with reportbro-lib (a Python package) on the server.
v3.5.1, Nov 20, 2023


PDF and Excel report generation library. Reports can be designed with reportbro-designer, a javascript plugin.
v3.5.1, Nov 20, 2023