Choose between open-source and commercial license

Open-source license

Use the open-source license to build non-commercial open-source or personal projects with ReportBro. ReportBro is licensed as open-source under AGPLv3.

Releasing your project that uses ReportBro under AGPLv3 requires your project to be licensed under AGPLv3/GPLv3 likewise. See GPL FAQ for details.

Commercial license

You need a commerical license to build applications using ReportBro without the provisions of AGPLv3. Thus, you can keep your source code private.

Commercial licenses also include 12 months of upgrades, SaaS licenses further comprise e-mail support. After this period you can purchase additional support and upgrades.

Buying a commercial license

You can choose between single application, re-distributable/SaaS application and OEM license. A commercial license covers also your development and testing instances.
Buying a commercial license grants you:
  • the right to use ReportBro without the provisions of AGPLv3
  • the right to use ReportBro by as many developers and team members as you like
  • 12 months of upgrades
  • the glory of supporting the work on ReportBro

Single license

Use in one application or project
Run on one server  

€ 150

Buy single license

12 months upgrades included

SaaS license

Use in one re-distributable or SaaS application
Run on any number of servers

€ 690

Buy SaaS licence

12 months upgrades & e-mail support included

OEM license

Use in any number of applications
Bundle with other software, toolkits, SDKs

Contact us for more information

Single and SaaS licenses are priced per application, i.e. can be used for exactly one project or application.
If you want to use ReportBro in an unlimited number of applications and/or bundle it with your own software, SDK or toolkit an OEM license is your choice. In that case, your customers and users do not need to purchase their own license — even if they are developing their own commercial products with ReportBro. Contact us for more information on OEM licenses.
Academic research or Start-up? Contact us for a 50% discount on ReportBro licenses.
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