Design multi-page layouts

While a lot of simple reports will perfectly fit on one page you'll certainly run into a use case that requires to design a multi-page layout. You can do that fairly easy in ReportBro Designer.

In this tutorial you will learn to:
Adjust content layout for multi-page support
Show front page without page header

TLDR: This guide explains one of our available demos:

1 Adjust content layout for multi-page support

Let's take the example of a contract. The necessary data to be included in a contract could be only a handful, but then there is all the legal stuff...

First of all, we need to let ReportBro know when to do a page break. To intentionally split your PDF into multiple pages you'll need to add manual page breaks. Drag & drop it from the menu bar to the document panel. You can change its position by dragging it or by positioning it on the y-axis using the according setting.

Now we are ready to add all the extra pages. However, the initial content height for designing layouts in ReportBro Designer corresponds to a single letter page (DIN A4).

More space is needed to add contents for further pages to go beyond a one-pager. We achieve this by using the content height option within the document properties. This setting only applies to the page layout displayed in the designer, thus providing you with the required space. You can also adjust the settings to your needs at any time.

2 Show front page without page header

We made enough space for the multi-page layout and filled it with content. Finally, we want to make the title page look different from the other pages - the already defined header should only be printed from page 2 onwards.

Let's take a look at the document properties again where we find settings for both header and footer display. Instead of showing the header on all pages select the option Do not show on first page.

Try it yourself: Download the report of this tutorial
Read here how to import the report into ReportBro Designer.

By the way, ReportBro is also available for everyone as open-source on github (see Download page). Star us on github if you like what you see!