Configuring and using ReportBro

Starting with ReportBro

For a start with ReportBro all you need to do is to follow the instructions for the basic installation in order to include ReportBro Designer into your own web application. Have a look at the configuration options and methods to customize ReportBro Designer according to your needs.
With the ReportBro Designer in place you can already start designing and previewing your own report templates - in case you are getting stuck you may find an answer in the User Guide. If you still can't get any further post your question as issue on Github but make sure you follow the guidelines explained on the Support page.

Hosting your own ReportBro Lib to generate reports

For open source and personal projects you may be just fine with using our publicly available ReportBro Server to generate your reports. Side effect is that the ReportBro logo will be displayed as a watermark image on the bottom of each page. We cannot guarantee availability of the server and response times may vary depending on the server load. However, being hosted on Python Anywhere makes it pretty reliable.
If you want to get rid of the ReportBro watermark or would like to host the ReportBro server module yourself follow the instructions for Server Installation. In that case you may also want to get familiar with the Lib Methods.