Get an idea of ReportBro's capabilities

ReportBro allows you to design templates for a wide variety of use cases.
Have a look at the provided examples including some of the initialization options. Feel free to modify the templates!

Template & Contents


  • DIN A4 in portrait view
  • PDF Invoice, XLSX with invoice number, date and amounts
  • Page header and footer
  • Number and date patterns
  • Uses a frame to group invoice sums block
  • Conditional printing of payment terms depending on the invoice amount
  • Table with header & invoice elements
  • Calculated VAT and invoice amount

Initialization & Configuration

    $(document).ready(function() {
              menuShowButtonLabels: true


  • No admin mode (No modification of parameters)
  • DIN A4 in landscape view
  • Document grid initially not shown
  • Page-size frame border
  • Additional font
  • Using different border styles and colors
  • Item alignment
  • No XLSX Output

    <style type="text/css">
        @font-face {
            font-family: "tangerine";
            src: url("fonts/tangerine.ttf");
    $(document).ready(function() {
            adminMode: false,
            enableSpreadsheet: false,
            showGrid: false,
            additionalFonts: [ { name: 'Tangerine', value: 'tangerine' } ]

Delivery slip

  • Menu with action buttons displayed vertically as sidebar
  • DIN A5 in portrait view
  • Bar code for scanning
  • Using patterns, calculations, evaluations for parameters
  • Additional date pattern applied as print setting
  • Frame for grouping recipient data and applying background and border to it
  • Page number and page count in footer
  • Alternating row background color for table content
  • Conditional styling in case a certain value is greater than 0
  • Table footer contains calculated sums

    $(document).ready(function() {
              menuSidebar: true,
              patternAdditionalDates: [ { name: 'd. MMMM yyyy', description: 'day. month year (month\'s full name), e.g. 15. September 1980' } ]


  • DIN A4 in portrait view
  • Multipage including page breaks, page numbering
  • Text style templates
  • Repeating page header and footer
  • Omit page header on first page
  • Parameter evaluation with calculation
  • Applies different patterns to a parameter
  • No admin mode, no XLSX output

    $(document).ready(function() {
              adminMode: false,
              enableSpreadsheet: false